Is your big fat Greek holiday coming up? 

Well even if your unsure of where to go during your summer vacation, our recommendation is totally worth your time! 

A quick trip to Athens is the perfect getaway since it’s a short flight away, offers so much mouth watering foods, gives you the option to do a cultured holiday with a touch of seaside relaxation! 

We recently stayed at the Margi Hotel in Vouliagmeni south of Athens! This seaside location had us so close to beach clubs and beach bars which we totally needed (no time for island hopping - no problem) cause you can have the best of both worlds without leaving the mainland! 

This boutique hotel boasts a wonderful (rather quiet) pool area which was perfect for a clam tanning session after breakfast! 

Do’s at the Margi 

1. get a suite - normal rooms are quite small 

2. pamper yourself with a massage - their spa magical 

3. try the club sandwich

4. definitely try the Bloody Mary! 

5. start off your day with a croque madame and avocado toast for breakfast by the pool ! 

Don’ts at the Margi

1. expect to dance by the pool 

2. think you can get a tan after 4pm (the sun only hits part of the pool area around that time) 

As for the area, we totally recommend you try out Krabo beach club (nothing like Mykonos but fun vibes) and island club for dinner and partying by the sea and Matsuhista for a nobu experience !  

June 30, 2022 — Marcelle Lifestyle