Opulent, lavish and extravagant the Venice Carnival is one celebration we dare not miss!

From masks to feasts, games and wild celebrations, this carnival is all about going ALL OUT! We love everything about the carnival the fashion, fabric, masks and all other details that go into it!

A tradition that dates back generations, it’s the Italian festival that leads up to the days before lent. In the “pleasure playground of Europe”, Venice!
The word Carnevale “CARNEM LEVARE” is derived from the Latin word “eliminate meat” referring to the day after the revelry of ‘Mardi Gras’, in which the period of Lent began with abstinence and fasting.

The tradition of the mask started in the 13th century when Venetians would hold celebrations and parties from December 26th until the start of Lent and wear elaborate masks to conceal their identity. These parties were the only time when the lower and upper classes mingled together. Aristocrats and peasants, disguised by their masks, played out their fantasies together. They indulged in illicit activities like gambling, clandestine affairs, political assassination, and dancing and partying the night away.

We have put together a few photos for you to feast your eyes on and get INSPIRED!

February 28, 2022 — Marcelle Lifestyle