We asked and they answered! Read more about what the Sothys represtatives in Jordan have to say about the brand, skin care and more! 

So Sothys is a family owned and run business, how do you think this affects the brand?

I believe that it gives the brand a sense of authenticity and credibility. Since 1946, Sothys has delivered unreserved luxury from generation to generation. The brand is currently available in more than 120 countries, all around the world, but the Mas family continues to play a major role in its development through their active personal involvement.

What are your aspirations for Sothys in Amman?

SOTHYS, a brand that caters for all ages, skin types and skin colours, has proven to be the brand of inclusivity, self-care and self-love. We’d like to give our community in Amman the opportunity to enjoy SOTHYS and all that it can offer. Available in countries all around the globe, and present in the world’s most prestigious hotels, spas and luxury beauty lounges, we aspire to grow in the high-end Jordanian market by offering a range of retail and professional skincare products and treatments!

Your company is run by women can you tell us more about that?

Being a SOTHYS woman means grace, elegance and sophistication. In other words, the brightest star in the sky! What better way of depicting this image and identity than by allowing the women who are actual consumers of SOTHYS, and believers in its philosophy, to represent and grow it!

Les Jardins Sothys is a dedicated natural laboratory that explores the plant world and its active ingredients, can you tell us more about that;

SOTHYS Advanced Research is the foundation for the brand’s scientific innovations. Its purpose is to identify and approve new active ingredients, grown and extracted from the gardens. The SOTHYS expertise is also furthered by valuable interaction with universities. As a strong symbol that expresses the respect the brand has for nature, Les Jardins Sothys are a source of constant inspiration and bear witness to the brand’s involvement in sustainable development.

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September 15, 2021 — Marcelle Lifestyle