When it comes to jewelry, more is more!! Yes baby, we said it, stack it like its hot (cause it is).  Whether its Fine Jewelry, Demi-Fine Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry or just accessories stacking is the way to go for your trendy summer look!

Layering neckalces with different prendants and personalised names or just plane chains has been in for a few seasons now, same applies to rings, and bracelets! You can even have a stack of each to compliment your overall look.


Question that I hear most often how much stack is too much stack?! Answer is well it all depends on the outing, your personal style and the clothes your styling your jewelry with. Sooo what does that entail? lets go into more depth with the styling.. so if youregoing to a black tie formal event little to no stack is required.

For a poolside look the more colorfull and heavy your stack is the brighter and more attractive your over all beach/ pool side look. When it comes to your every day then I would definitely say, consider your neckline and overall sillouette when choosing the perfect pieces to reflect your personalityand complement your look!!

Check out some of the rings available for delivery!  



October 31, 2021 — Marcelle Lifestyle