Sequins dresses - a timeless statement!

Shine bright in sequin at all your events this summer! Yes, the sequin trend is here to stay for 2021 and honestly (I don’t know a time when it wasn’t trending!) Keeping a sequin dress in your wardrobe is super essential! So if you’re a mindful shopper and want a timeless piece then definitely opting for a sparkling statement is the way to go!

Glitzy dresses are perfect for dressing up - while not really dressing up- , if you know what I mean! Cause once your all dazzled up in your paillet shimmers you’reeffortlessly stealing the spotlight! No matter the dress length or cut, it will always be considered dressy yet playful, serious yet oh so fun!

One thing about these shimmery masterpieces is that if you want them to last a lifetime you need to treat them right! These larger than life garments are so loud yet so delicate and that should be taken into account when storing them.

Make sure you place your beaded or sequin dress in a garment bag to avoid it getting tangled with other dresses or items in your closet, cause literally no one likes to see a damaged sequin dress, they are so difficult to amend or alter.

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March 03, 2020 — Marcelle Lifestyle