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To learn about Marcelle, the brand, you must first know the story of Marcelle, the legend behind the brand.

On a warm summer’s day in 1930, in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, a young soul - that would soon become an inspiration for many - was born. Marcelle was one of the seven bright siblings of the Dibsi family, whose household was built on elegance, discipline and religion.

Marcelle resembled an intricate combination of wit and vivacity; a woman who broke convention with an admirable moral compass and an avant-garde 21st century spirit. Marcelle was respected and loved by everyone who crossed her path and rode along on her journey towards knowledge and self-growth. 

A progressive working woman who travelled and quenched her thirst for the world and everything around her, Marcelle was an avid reader who flourished with culture. Her collection of encyclopaedias was kept at close reach in her livingroom, which meant that no piece of information rendered her unenlightened. If her ears enjoyed a language, she would learn it; she spoke French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Her diverse areas of interest were not only limited to languages and travel; she also won several awards in ballroom dancing, partnering with her brother during local dance contests.

Proud and privileged to be her granddaughters, Marcelle has touched us deeply with her sheer determination, polite assertiveness, instinctive grace and caring nature.

 Marcelle continues to live within us as an eternal source of inspiration.