5 styles that are taking over luxury residential lighting in 2021 - are you ready to get enlightened?

- major pun intended-

Let the light set the tone - yes,  your light fixtures set the tone of your overall space! Whether your interior is Modern, Classic or Contemporary, Hip, Funky or Calm the light fixture you choose will dictate the space’s general vibe! Several factors effect your choice when it comes to styling a light piece in your home - keep an eye out for them to make your home decorating journey easier!

We’ve put together a list of lighting styles and matched them with overall vibes that you might be going for in your own home.


1. Sculptural Chandelier for a Contemperary Vibe

These pieces of art are continuing to take over home trends in 2021 as they did the year before! They combine a modern take of a more classical look to give you a stable yet striking overall ambiance! & Yes, if you’re wondering,  you can opt for a sculptural chandelier in a low / average ceiling height space!

2. Crystal Ceiling Lights - for the not-so-classic Classic Look

Timeless pieces of illuminating opulance! These crystal chandeliers never go out of style! Whether exaggerated or calm, colorful or neutral - thats where your room styling choices come to effect! For a classic elegant vibe choose a more refined piece, less color and a more minimal sillouhette, if you’re opting for a Crystal chandellier in a more modern setting, choosing a colorful more exaggerated piece is the best way to go!

3. Industrial Lighting

For a raw rustic modern finish, a slick piece of industrial lighting creates a lofty farm house vibe for your interior. Don’t mistake this for lack of luxury - you can have a luxurious look while incorporating the industrial vibe. Working with charcoal tones greys and nudes will definitely add an edge to your space as well.

4. Round LED Light

For the futuristic lover! Yes, modern futuristic vibes come alive with the round LED ceiling light fixture. They’re subtle yet striking and definitely add character to your space.

5. Minimalist Pendants ie Modern Luxury

Less is more with these simple drops! They add leveling to your space and give a touch of modernity. Choose pendants for the low-key luxury look!

September 03, 2021 — Marcelle Lifestyle