MARCELLE LIFESTYLE is introducing a “personal shopping” service! 


You ask & we deliver! Marcelle lifestyle will be taking you through different boutiques in Milan on our Instagram stories for you to browse our top picks, select and message us to shop your most desired items hassle free. 



Stay tuned for our new tab on MARCELLELIFESTYLE.COM made to make your personal shopping experience easier. 

Follow these steps to shop your most coveted items with us: 

  1. Spot the product on our Instagram 
  2. Send us a photo to inquire about the item
  3. Go through the payment process
  4. Wait for your new loved item to arrive safely to your destination within 10 days

Stay tuned for some unique picks for women and men as well !!


Get ready to shop your favourite picks with us! 

March 30, 2022 — Marcelle Lifestyle